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ARKS collaborates with Agreefy to build an innovative smart campus that uses RTLS technology to ensure student safety

Abdul Rahman Kanoo School, Diyar (ARKS) collaborates with Agreefy to implement innovative RTLS technology that provides parents with real-time location intelligence of their children from the time they leave for school till they return home, giving families peace of mind and enabling teachers and parents to access attendance reports in an automated manner (through an automated process).

ARKS: a mission to construct a world-class educational institution

ARKS is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and its mission is to build a smart school that is effective in both educating and protecting its pupils. What distinguishes ARKS from other schools is their understanding that quality education does not begin and end with class lectures and activities; quality education also includes the students' overall experience while inside the school, including their safety and security.

Several hours per day would make up a full school day at ARKS, during which time the students would be absent from their homes and their parent's supervision. Many parents worry about physically bringing their children to school because so much can happen in that short amount of time. With the recent collaboration between ARKS and Agreefy, parents would have nothing to worry about when sending their children off to class.

The Agreefy Tag RTLS platform introduces innovative student location monitoring in schools

The Agreefy Tag RTLS platform enables schools to provide an outstanding student experience while assuring the best safety and security to ease the minds of parents. With Agreefy, parents have unprecedented transparency and constant access to their child's location, while the school benefits from improved operational efficiency and analytics.

Agreefy Tag makes it easier to keep track of students' locations, activities, and movements. As soon as they board the school bus, the system is activated, assuring parents that their children have arrived safely at school. Additionally, the location of the student is updated in real-time, so parents can check at any time of the day to see where their children are in school.

Automated student attendance through the Agreefy Tag RTLS platform saves schools time and improves performance

Agreefy Tag RTLS platform can also be used to check attendance by automatically signing students in when they arrive at school, thereby relieving teachers of administrative duties. Moreover, this feature is advantageous in emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, it would be crucial to know the exact location of the students and how to reach them.

Watch the video to see how Agreefy solution enabled location awareness and automated attendance for education.

RTLS technologies transform the educational sector by paving the way for the creation of smart, cutting-edge campuses

Agreefy has completed numerous projects that make use of RTLS technology to develop smart solutions for education and to make things easier and more convenient for people. When implemented in educational institutions, the same system that helps locate assets in large venues can help improve students' experiences while also making the institution more secure. 

Agreefy's expertise in the field of RTLS technology, paired with ARKS' dedication to provide quality education and innovative educational environment, creates a state-of-the-art smart campus, and ultimately, an improved educational landscape in Bahrain.

Therefore, from transit to in-school safety and attendance checking, Agreefy makes it easier for ARKS to provide a holistic educational experience to their students while giving parents the assurance that their wards are in good hands. This will mark a new milestone not only for both organizations but also for the education sector in Bahrain as the collaboration will begin in September.

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Agreefy joins Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) enhancing wireless connectivity of their RTLS software
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