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Must have features for your Wi-Fi network

Thanks to the increased adoption of Wi-Fi enabled devices and applications, the cloud-managed Wi-Fi market is rapidly growing.

Companies like Agreefy allow you to start your business in the Wi-Fi market quickly and easily, with its complete set of features. To offer the best service to your clients, you should adapt your Wi-Fi network to fit the industry you are targeting.

Due to its incomparable set of features and reliability, Agreefy has been chosen by many companies worldwide to manage their Wi-Fi network in industries like retail, education, hospitality, healthcare. Read More

Wi-Fi preferable over mobile data

OpenSignal released a report about the amount of time smartphone users worldwide spend on Wi-Fi. Based on results, people in countries with developed mobile networks prefer Wi-Fi over 3G/4G, especially when data is expensive and limited.

According to the Global State of Mobile Networks report carried out by OpenSignal, a company that focuses on wireless coverage mapping, smartphone users in almost all developed countries spend more time on Wi-Fi networks rather than 3G/4G mobile ones. The findings refer to data points collected from 822,556 users across 95 countries. Let’s have a look at the main aspects that determine why users prefer connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi instead of using a cellular network. Read More