Location-aware solutions that will help your school STAND OUT

We offer location aware solutions that can help your school understand the movements of students, visitors, and assets. Whether you are concerned about improving safety or making asset management more efficient, our tools can bolster your efforts.

At Agreefy we understand our students are our greatest asset. It is vital that we provide a safe environment to have the best educational experience possible. Through location aware technology you can not only enhance the educational experience and safety of your students but also reduce administrative overhead.

Most schools that serve students between the ages of 12 and 18 years old have declared that they own at least one safety or security measure such as security cameras or hallway supervision tools. We supplement these efforts by providing you with the ability to tag and track the movement of assets and individuals.





With our Enhanced Education Module, you can monitor the location and movements of your students and ensure that they are secure. Using either location-enabled student IDs or wearable technologies, our products allow you to monitor the location of your students while they are under school supervision. Whether students are on the bus, in or between classes, or exploring their surroundings on daily field trips, we are here to ensure that they remain safe and secure each and every day. Beyond safety, our tools can help teachers save thousands of minutes of teaching time annually by eliminating the need to take attendance. Further, our systems facilitate the immediate notification of administration officials or parents in the event of absences, allowing for verification of excused absence or engagement as necessary.

We are living in unprecedented times which means we need to think about safety. In the event of an emergency, our technology allows for all students to be located easily and quickly. In addition, in the event of a health-related issue, our tools can be used to enable contact tracing, allowing your institution to evaluate risk factors and respond appropriately while retaining appropriate anonymity to the health of students or staff. To learn more, book a free consultation with us. Click here


Asset management can be challenging, especially when you are dealing with assets distributed across education campuses. With our Asset Tracking Module, you can control your assets effectively, reducing loss and optimizing utilization.

Agreefy’s solutions are unique in that our proprietary platform is technology agnostic so we can mix and match technologies, while future proofing deployments. As a result, you can optimize costs, accuracy, battery life and other factors in order to ensure different types of assets can utilize different technology while not only in the same system, but also integrating your work and information flows through our Asset Lifetime Management module.

With Agreefy, you can satisfy the needs of administrators,asset managers, and auditors. We offer easy to use tracking, issuance/collection, reporting and audit functions that allow you to view and track your assets and inventory in real time, understand their value and depreciation impacts, and generate reports based on self-defined rules.


One of the biggest challenges with child safety is visitor management. As an educational institution, knowing who your visitors are is both insightful and critical for safety and operational needs. Using our solutions, we can directly integrate your infrastructure into a Visitor Management tool allowing for signup onsite via WiFi, on your website, or in advance via a form you may have linked. This will allow you to monitor who is entering and leaving your school, and prepare for important meetings by generating ID cards for forthcoming visitors. Our Visitor Management tools also include rescheduling, notification, and staff allocation features, which your team members can utilize whenever needed.