Location-intelligent tools for the healthcare industry that permit care takers to serve patients safer and more efficiently, while optimizing for performance to reduce operational costs.

Agreefy’s location-aware solutions help you understand the location and movements of individuals and assets in your physical spaces. With these insights, we can help you cut administration time allowing you to focus on what matters most, your patients. Let us handle things such as patient management, crowd flow, and asset management while you focus on delivering high-quality services to save lives.

At Agreefy, we support the healthcare industry by providing advanced, location-aware solutions that take the pressure off of administrative processes and keeping unattended and future patients safer, while your staff can spend its time with patients and keeping prospective patients safe and distanced from those most vulnerable.

Every day social interactions are being regulated and restricted by a range of health and safety measures. To help healthcare providers manage increasing patient traffic and get back on track, we have designed tools that allow providers to manage crowds and assets in physical locations. This allows healthcare institutions to ensure the safety of their patients, while also focusing on delivering quality and efficient services on a daily basis.





Simple and easy to use online appointment booking software and virtual queuing is a must-have for any healthcare institution that wants to achieve efficient patient management and flows. These tools are also integral to ensure patient satisfaction and safety. Using our appointment booking software, patient sign-ups and check-ins can be completed in a contactless manner from the safety and comfort of the patient's home. Both our desktop and mobile devices allow health practitioners and patients to send and receive rescheduling notifications and view or update real-time information on wait times. In addition, for "walk-in" patients who need last minute appointments, they can take a spot in the queue and show up close to the time a healthcare professional can see them instead of waiting in rooms with other potentially sick patients for long periods of time.

Healthcare facility owners can easily integrate our tools with their existing software. Additionally, they can use our product to set up personalized calendars, manage staff capacity and reassign tasks and visits according to specialization and demand. The increases in demand for healthcare with greater safety and convenience has forced health institutions to reevaluate how they offer services. Our appointment booking and queue management software can help you adapt to the new digital environment and manage increased demand more safely and efficiently.


Thanks to Agreefy's location-intelligent solutions, health centres and hospitals can now monitor the movements of patients to ensure they stay within assigned areas, and social distancings protocols are being met. In the dashboard, we provide an instant overview for nurses where everyone is located within the facility at any point in time. This also allows for keeping children in close proximity to their parents, providing support for patients with disabilities, and assuring general comfort and satisfaction of both staff and visitors. In addition, by adding indoor navigation features we can help provide easy point to point navigation and help you combine workflows to prepare for patients in advance and let them know when they are near allowing for incremental levels of safety and security and patient efficiency.

In case a doctor or nurse is needed to locate immediately, health workers are being provided with both mobile and desktop apps to find key personnel within seconds on the map and send them instant messages, notifications or alerts. Workers stayed informed what to do, and where to go, so the whole facility works efficiently and provides enhanced care for patients.


Healthcare organizations own a variety of assets, including technical and medical equipment. An efficient asset lifecycle management process is therefore key to your facility's productivity, safety, and security, and to lowering operational costs.

Our location-aware solution allows you to tag, track, and manage all of the assets that are owned by or affiliated with your healthcare organization - from small and medium-size items like ventilators or pumps to bigger ones including medical chairs, beds, MRI machines, CT scanners, oxygen concentrators, and other devices. This can be particularly useful in an emergency situation as it can allow you to locate speciality machines, equipment, or assets within your facility instantly.

Our tools enable to access notifications regarding critical events or changes in asset locations, and identify unexpected errors. All of this is critical to ensure effective operations of health care centers and hospitals. Access data in real-time on any device in order to inform fast and strategic decisions.


Agreefy’s team has developed location-intelligent tools to provide your healthcare facility with an unique and new patient and visitor management experience.

Digitize and automate the registration process, while ensuring visitors do not stray into dangerous or off limit areas. Keep track of visitor paths in case of a health emergency to assess unexpected risks of contagion in case infected patients accidentally come into contact with a visitor. We can also add Indoor navigation features to our solution and combine them with various workflow tools to help visitors get to where they need to go quickly and safely.

We want to give you access to real-time location based insights around the clock so that you can always make the best and most informed decisions regarding your clients’ safety and satisfaction.