Location-aware solutions that enable bar and restaurants owners to provide high-quality services to their clients—and keep them coming back for more

Our location-intelligence solutions are deployed to help you create a safe environment and to understand the movement and location of people and assets at your Bar, Restaurant, or Nightclub. The insights provided from this location-based data will allow you to enhance customer engagement strategies and operations, making your business future proof.

At Agreefy, we understand that bar and restaurant owners wear many hats and regularly have to manage a number of challenges in order to make their business thrive on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, customers are expressing growing concerns around their health and safety when they venture out, especially when visiting bars and restaurants. Customers want to know that the businesses they are visiting are complying with the latest regulations and have processes in place to keep them and their families safe from sickness. At the same time, customers will not compromise having a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Agreefy offers a wide range of tools for bars and restaurants. These products are all based on location-aware technologies and include features such as location-based marketing and customer engagement, appointment booking, crowd management, and asset tracking. By equipping your organization with the latest location-based technologies, we help you deliver the best possible service to your clients, while also ensuring constant growth and profitability.





With our software, compliance with health and safety requirements is easy and effortless. First, thanks to location-based technologies, you gain access to offline customer CRM, knowing who visited your bar or restaurant in a given time and receiving a granular set of data points on these individuals’ visits to your site.

This location-aware approach allows for quick and easy visitors registration, reporting of sickness, and automatic notifying any of your clients in the case of a health or safety event and any other unforeseen circumstances.


Having a concrete understanding of who visits your facility, what they do while they are there, and how long they stay are important metrics for understanding your clients and strategizing around how you can improve your services. These insights permit you to plan out your operations and engage in effective promotional and marketing activities. Engagement and Marketing features are now available for every bar and restaurant owner who wants to reach their target audience with promotional offers tailored to their specific needs.

By combining marketing and engagement tools with the knowledge of behavioral patterns, we can help you create relevent and engaging campaigns to reach customers and increase their trust and loyalty. Using our easy and intuitive Campaign Creator, we package together tools which allow for designing email marketing, sms, and push notification campaigns as well as the understanding of their effectiveness.


In the Agreefy solution, we have a module for online appointment booking software that allows your customers to book a place at your establishment in advance. This helps you and your clients avoid unnecessary queues, stress, and anxiety. During tenuous times, this feature can also help you manage and predict your foot traffic, so you budget accordingly, staff up as necessary, and ensure that you can prepare your space so it complies with social distancing regulations.

Our solution allows you to set up your business calendar even down to the table level to ease administration. Customers can then use this calendar to book specific time slots during the day. This will allow you to organize your staff capacity, and also notify visitors about any changes to their reservation.

Our appointment booking platform easily integrates with your website, Facebook page, and Google Maps. This means that your customers can easily look up your facility on the map, view estimated wait times, and reserve a specific time slot.

Do you own multiple restaurants? If a customer is trying to decide which one to go to, they can use our appointment booking app to receive real-time information on estimated wait times for each of your locations. Using this software, they can also reschedule any appointments or reservations. Our product also helps you secure the safety and health of your clients and staff as it allows you to offer contactless payment systems at your establishments. As a result, customers can pay for their services touch-free before or after they visit your space, depending on your preference.

The smoothest client experience, and your business’ success- that’s what we stand for.


All the assets at your bar or restaurant - such as kitchen and cooking equipment, cash registers, cars, and more - can be now easily identified, tagged, tracked and properly maintained with Agreefy's Asset Tracking Module.

We provide you with one simple tool which can be on-prem or cloud based to manage and track the location of your inventory. Track your assets and see where they are real-time as well as the changes in location historically.

See your assets’ location, understand its value and get alerts and reports based on advanced rules which can be easily set up and tracked across multiple locations in the cloud. Photo tagging, custom data fields, maintenance scheduling and logging helps you not only find your assets quickly, but to ensure you maximize your return on assets and increase business productivity.