Oct 28, 2021 11:16 AM | PARTNERSHIPS
Agreefy joins Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) enhancing wireless connectivity of their RTLS software

Agreefy has become a member of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), a global network that brings together people and organizations to develop the most innovative Wi-Fi initiatives worldwide.

Agreefy, a leading provider of location-aware solutions, has joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance to enhance wireless connectivity with OpenRoaming and Wi-Fi 6/6E. While working closely with the world-largest wireless broadband operators within WBA, Agreefy contributes to making guest public Wi-Fi experience better, easier and available for everyone.

Agreefy is a location-based platform and connectivity and security is our first priority.” - says Vinu Peter, CEO Agreefy. “We intend to deliver an outstanding wireless experience to each and every of our customers, and frictionless Wi-Fi connectivity is a key component in achieving this. The WBA alliance allows us to act on our mission, and plays a key role in defining standards in the future of  Wi-Fi.” - Vinu adds.

As a member of the Alliance, Agreefy continues to enhance the quality of their location-aware solutions that utilize a vast variety of technologies, including BLE, GPS, RFID and more. The company can now offer to its clients and partners wider network access, better security and worry-free mobility.

Agreefy’s solutions enable visitors to public and private spaces to join guest Wi-Fi networks. As a result, venue owners and managers can analyze in-store visitors’ behaviours and leverage offline data to create personalized customer experiences and tailored marketing campaigns, increasing customer engagement, safety, security and retention.

We are delighted to welcome Agreefy as a member of the WBA” - says Tiago Rodrigues, WBA CEO, “Agreefy’s role and goals are 100% aligned with those of our members, to enhance the Wi-Fi experience and to deliver value to enterprises and consumers. We look forward to successful engagements between Agreefy and our members.”

WBA’s main vision is to provide a seamless and interoperable Wi-Fi experience globally. The organization aims to achieve it by developing advanced interoperability frameworks across networks, technologies and devices which allows for establishing new industry standards and solving technical issues to promote end-to-end services - all while accelerating business opportunities.

About Agreefy:

Agreefy is a leading provider of location-aware software supporting organizations across the world in leveraging location intelligence to build smarter venues. Agreefy’s tools and analytics are at the core of modern life, from shopping, dining out and travel to healthcare, education and events. The company provides businesses with advanced customer intelligence and behavior prediction tools enabling more informed and targeted engagement programs. Agreefy Tag, their core RTLS solution, is a cloud-based platform for Asset and People Management, designed to support business productivity, safety and performance. Learn more about Agreefy by visiting the company’s website: agreefy.com and LinkedIn.

About WBA:

Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is the global organization that connects people with the latest Wi-Fi initiatives. Founded in 2003, the vision of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is to drive seamless, interoperable service experiences via Wi-Fi within the global wireless ecosystem. WBA’s mission is to enable collaboration between service providers, technology companies, cities, regulators and organizations to achieve that vision. WBA’s membership is comprised of major operators, identity providers and leading technology companies across the Wi-Fi ecosystem with the shared vision.

WBA undertakes programs and activities to address business and technical issues, as well as opportunities, for member companies. WBA work areas include standards development, industry guidelines, trials, certification and advocacy. Its key programs include NextGen Wi-Fi, OpenRoaming, 5G, IoT, Testing & Interoperability and Policy & Regulatory Affairs, with member-led Work Groups dedicated to resolving standards and technical issues to promote end-to-end services and accelerate business opportunities.

The WBA Board includes Airties, AT&T, Boingo Wireless, Broadcom, BT, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom AG, Google, Intel, Reliance Jio, SK Telecom and Viasat. For the complete list of current WBA members, click here.

Oct 12, 2021 08:09 PM | General News
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Oct 28, 2021 11:16 AM | PARTNERSHIPS
Agreefy joins Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) enhancing wireless connectivity of their RTLS software
Agreefy joins Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) enhancing wireless connectivity of their RTLS software
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