Dec 18, 2021 07:32 AM | Case Study
Agreefy streamlines in-person recruiting for a leading food organization

Agreefy makes in-person recruitment events safe and smooth for one of the largest food and beverage companies in the Middle East, reducing usual wait times by up to 5.5 hours.

In-person recruitment events are returning, and businesses around the world are looking for effective ways to assure not just their success, but also the highest level of safety and satisfaction for participants in the midst of the pandemic.

While looking for simple yet effective solutions to this problem, our client - one of the Arab region's largest food firms - has chosen Agreefy's online scheduling software to take their in-person recruiting to the next level. AgreeQ allows candidates to virtually queue up, while recruiters can now control attendance across various sites from a centralized dashboard. Based on real-time location services (RTLS) technology, the software streamlines event organization by significantly lowering wait times, establishing a safe environment for participants and recruiters, providing a better candidate experience, and encouraging cost savings. The implementation partner is Emircom.

The challenge: In-person recruitment events in the midst of a pandemic

Agreefy’s client is one of the most well-known food manufacturers and distributors in the MENA area, with hundreds of restaurants and production facilities spread across 20 countries. As an industry leader, the company seeks to adopt top-tier employer branding strategies and deliver an exceptional customer journey every step of the way.

The firm has recently relaunched their in-person recruiting events and walk-in interviews to nurture trustworthy relationships with potential hires and attract the right talents, employer branding strategies that are innovative yet come with numerous challenges, especially amid the global epidemic.

When a large number of candidates arrive at the venue at the same time, it creates confusion and stress. The hosts have no idea how many participants will show up at any given time, making it extremely difficult to adhere to capacity limitations and ensuring an adequate number of staff is present on-site to manage the movement of people and enable proper social distancing.” - explains Daniel Spanier, GM at Agreefy.

Without the proper tech stack in place, recruiters lose control of their event, causing their candidates to become frustrated and disappointed while waiting in ever-changing weather conditions for hours outside the main venue. This can lead to the loss of potential great hires and poor performance. They needed to find a way to keep everyone safe and happy, and this is where Agreefy's RTLS software comes in.” - adds Spanier.

How to make social distancing easy for your physical business and customers

The opportunity: Online appointment scheduling system for in-person recruiting events

The client takes pride in its forward-thinking and people-oriented approach. To fulfill their mission, they required a simple and efficient solution that would enable them to easily manage recruiting events while also keeping everyone safe. They intended to accelerate screening and the initial interview process while adhering to all local health and safety regulations, providing an exceptional applicant experience every step of the way.

AgreeQ meets our clients' needs by offering an easy-to-use and scalable online appointment scheduling and queue management solution.” - says Anish V V, CTO at Agreefy. “AgreeQ is available as a desktop and mobile app with dedicated dashboards for both participants and hosts. We use a variety of wireless technologies, including but not limited to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID, to ensure the best data quality and versatility. The solution seamlessly connects with the client's existing software, such as CRMs, and supports further technology add-ons, improving operational effectiveness while saving time and money.” - adds V V.

Job seekers can schedule an interview in a few clicks by visiting the company's website, mobile app, Facebook page, or Google Maps, or by scanning a QR code printed on promotional materials. Once verified, they will receive custom-branded and automatic notifications on their mobile devices, as well as status updates. They can immediately re-queue and book a new spot if they are running late.

The hosts get real-time information about the amount of people expected to arrive at the venue within the designated time windows, which enables them to assign personnel to specific areas. From the client dashboard, they may add new venues, manage tasks, and send and receive alerts and notifications. All appointment information is synced to the company's calendars.

The most powerful AgreeQ features recognized by the client include:

  • One centrally controllable system
  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface
  • Multi screening experience: digital queue management on desktop and mobile devices
  • Touchless security screening solution
  • Automated KPIs measurement (e.g. number of appointments per day vs number of visits per day)
  • Staff performance & productivity optimization tools (e.g. task assignment, average wait time, number of successfully conducted interviews).

The client’s benefit: Streamlined walk-in recruitment events with AgreeQ

AgreeQ effectively manages the crowd and minimizes in-person wait times by allowing candidates to automatically book their appointments online.

Following implementation, the employer reduced the average time required to conduct successful screening interviews from up to 6 hours to as low as 20 minutes.

By integrating AgreeQ's online calendar with the company's digital platforms, our client shortened the registration process and improved applicant satisfaction from the start. The team eliminated haphazard and irregular queuing and introduced a streamlined approach to do health checks and contact tracking, regaining control of the organizational aspect of their events. Because the solution is touchless, the possibility of contamination is greatly reduced.

Simultaneously, since AgreeQ restricts the number of people permitted in the venue automatically, the HR team enhanced their performance saving time and resources.

The's first impression is important to us as this is their initial interaction with our company. We wanted to provide the best employee experience and Agreefy helped us to achieve our goal.” - HR Director.

While AgreeQ handles all organizational challenges, the client's recruiters can now fully focus on what matters most: executing their events efficiently and selecting the right talents with ease, confidence and peace of mind, all while increasing performance and strengthening their market leadership position.

We’re delighted to see one of the most recognizable organizations streamlining their operations with AgreeQ.” - says Vinu Peter, CEO at Agreefy. “Our proprietary RTLS platform provides a seamless user experience for both recruiters and job applicants, and we couldn't be happier to see our customer benefiting from location-awareness on so many levels. We look forward to working together on future implementations.” - adds Peter.

In the coming year, the group intends to expand Agreefy's solution to the additional 13 countries in which it operates.

Are you interested in learning more about how your organization might benefit from Agreefy's online scheduling and queue management platform? Contact us to book a complimentary consultation! We would be delighted to demonstrate how RTLS software can improve your operations by increasing savings and improving the customer journey.

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Dec 18, 2021 07:32 AM | Case Study
Agreefy streamlines in-person recruiting for a leading food organization
AgreeQ minimizes in-person wait times and effectively manages the crowd by allowing candidates to automatically book their appointments online.
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