Oct 12, 2021 08:09 PM | General News
Agreefy powers EXPO 2020 Dubai streamlining real-time asset tracking and management

Agreefy’s team has been chosen to take charge of asset tracking and management during EXPO 2020 Dubai, leading one of the most advanced projects of this kind.

EXPO 2020 Dubai is a six-month-long World Expo hosted by the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. It’s the first World Expo and at the same time the biggest event in the region up to date, taking more than 4.38 square kilometers of space. Acknowledging the scale and complexity of the project, the organizers had to acquire a qualified and reliable partner capable of tracking and managing numerous types of assets across multiple venues continuously over the next several months. The opportunity fortifies Agreefy's position as a leading location-aware solutions provider. The collaboration is backed by Agreefy’s partners, Alpha Data & Terminus.

“EXPO 2020 is the largest event held in the Arab countries, hosting millions of participants from 180 countries. They have to utilize a huge amount of assets of different accuracy and resolution in order for the event to be run smoothly and safely over time.” - explains Daniel Spanier, GM at Agreefy. “Simply put, it would not have been possible to track and manage assets at such a significant scale using just one single technology. And this is where Agreefy Tag comes in.” - Spanier continues.

The hosts of EXPO 2020 were aware of the numerous technical and operational challenges that come with the event at this scale. While the first priority was to incorporate a technology-agnostic solution to track and manage different kinds of assets, they also needed an experienced and qualified partner, proficient in handling the process every step of the way, from planning to execution.

Agreefy Tag, a real-time location system (RTLS), has the capability of integrating with multiple location-aware technologies and providing scalability and agility to accommodate add-ons, depending on the project developments and future requirements. Furthermore, Agreefy’s team qualifications and previous deployments’ results validate the team’s ability to meet the unique challenges of this high-complexity event. 

“The main theme behind EXPO 2020 Dubai is to showcase the latest global technology and communication innovations. We’re honored to be recognized as a leading provider of cutting-edge RTLS solutions allowing for tracking and managing different kinds of assets at such unprecedented scale.” - says Vinu Peter, CEO at Agreefy. 

“This recognition validates our abilities as a team to handle complex, ambitious projects, but also technological advancement and the positive impact our platform is having on their operational performance, costs and security”. - explains Spanier.

Agreefy has been responsible for implementing their RTLS solution across the entire site, including pavilions, parking spots, arrival plazas, and more. Agreefy Tag utilizes a variety of advanced, location-based technologies, including Bluetooth (BLE) to track wheelchairs, GPS to trace buggies and RFID to manage fixed and regular assets. In the backend, the platform is also integrated with SAP.

“Designing technology-agnostic products with the highest precision in mind is our mission.” - continues Vinu Peter. “We couldn’t be more thrilled seeing how Agreefy Tag makes asset management easier while strengthening a trustworthy relationship between our company and the leading organizations in our region like EXPO 2020. We will continue advancing our know-how to present our clients and partners with the most advanced solutions that enable further economic growth of the Arab region”. - Peter states.


Learn more information about EXPO 2020 Dubai at the official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/.

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