Jun 28, 2021 10:59 AM | General News
Agreefy further fortifies its position in the RTLS market, achieving ‘Zebra Validated’ Certification

Agreefy’s location-based products can now be used on Zebra Technologies’ mobile devices and RFID Readers. Available in the cloud or on-premises, these tailored solutions serve multiple market segments, including education, healthcare, and retail, improving in-store analytics, customer experience, operations, and asset and people management.

For the last several years, Real-Time Location Systems have revolutionized the way organizations do business. Agreefy has enabled numerous firms to take their marketing and operations to the next level and build smarter venues by adopting location intelligence. Recently, Zebra Technologies, a world leader in indoor location services, validated Agreefy’s solutions, strengthening the company‘s visibility and credibility on the market and opening up new large-scale sales and marketing opportunities.

Location-intelligent tools that reinforce marketing and operations across industries

Agreefy provides a comprehensive range of location-aware solutions. Widely used across the globe, including sectors such as education, healthcare, retail, and enterprise, our SaaS applications are designed to be accessible and easily deployable. By harnessing advanced location data, Agreefy’s software augments asset management, customer flow, employee workflow, marketing efficiency, and operational productivity. 

One of Agreefy’s leading products, Agreefy Tag, utilizes location-aware data to track the location and movement of objects and people within a given physical location. Agreefy Tag platform provides real-time insights - which are crucial for making informed, strategic, cost-saving decisions on time - and offers extensive features such as employee and visitor attendance tracking. Custom alerts and instant notifications allow users to locate and send direct messages to key points of contact within seconds.

Zebra Technologies certification confirms Agreefy’s leading position on the RTLS market and demonstrates that our solutions, including Agreefy Tag, meet the highest standards and industry protocols, at the same time reflecting their top-tier quality, efficiency, and performance.

"When it comes to asset and people management, software needs to be simple, easy to use, and secure to enable high productivity and effectiveness within an organization” - says Vinu Peter, CEO at Agreefy. "We are very excited that Agreefy’s products have been recognized and validated by Zebra Technologies. It is a strong reflection of the hard work and dedication of the whole Agreefy team, and it exemplifies the reliability, credibility, and accuracy of all our products." - Peter adds.

Agreefy’s location-aware applications now available for end-consumers on Zebra Technologies devices

Working closely with Zebra Technologies engineering teams, Agreefy successfully tested and validated the interoperability of our software with specific Zebra Technologies devices, including computers, scanners, and RFID readers.

The validation benefits Agreefy’s customers and partners in numerous ways. First, it provides the confidence that Agreefy’s products meet all technical specifications and requirements. This significantly reduces the user risk level and deployment time, which enables time and budget savings. Second, the certification allows Agreefy to access the latest RTLS technologies, ensuring that our end-users receive top-notch products that represent industry best practices and standards. As an added benefit, Agreefy can implement multiple Zebra Technologies on the same platform - all while ensuring exceptional cross-regional support offered by the provider.

We expect the validation status to boost customer confidence in our applications. It’s also a notable differentiator that illustrates Agreefy stands out from the competition.” - says Daniel Spanier, GM & CFO at Agreefy. Not every provider on the market was validated, and not everyone can prove that their offering meets the highest quality standards. We’re certain this recognition will open up new doors.” - Spanier adds.

In the upcoming months, Agreefy plans to expand its position as a leading RTLS provider for healthcare and education. The company is dedicated to continue executing its mission and ensure companies across the world - including the Middle East, Europe, and North America - obtain a wide range of benefits from location-based information, including raising their customers' safety and engagement, operational efficiency, and overall revenue.

Oct 12, 2021 08:09 PM | General News
Agreefy powers EXPO 2020 Dubai streamlining real-time asset tracking and management
Agreefy’s team has been chosen to take charge of the asset tracking and management during EXPO 2020 Dubai, leading one of the most advanced projects of this kind.
Oct 28, 2021 11:16 AM | PARTNERSHIPS
Agreefy joins Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) enhancing wireless connectivity of their RTLS software
Agreefy joins Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) enhancing wireless connectivity of their RTLS software
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