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Agreefy empowers Cisco Innovation and Experience Center, Dubai

2018 started off with a big bang for Agreefy as it partnered with Cisco Systems to power their new flagship Innovation and Experience Center in Dubai. Cisco IXC which serves as a hub for open innovation showcases all that is possible with digital transformation in sectors that range from retail and hospitality to healthcare and education.

The Cisco IXC is a first of its kind worldwide. It combines innovation capability with a customer experience to showcase how to bring digitization to life for Cisco’s customers and our partners. Visitors at Cisco’s IXC center receives an amazing opportunity to experience the latest Cisco solutions. Solutions that apply to the real-world in real-time scenarios and get a 360-degree view of technologies that deliver tangible business outcomes. Read More

Must have features for your Wi-Fi network

Thanks to the increased adoption of Wi-Fi enabled devices and applications, the cloud-managed Wi-Fi market is rapidly growing.

Companies like Agreefy allow you to start your business in the Wi-Fi market quickly and easily, with its complete set of features. To offer the best service to your clients, you should adapt your Wi-Fi network to fit the industry you are targeting.

Due to its incomparable set of features and reliability, Agreefy has been chosen by many companies worldwide to manage their Wi-Fi network in industries like retail, education, hospitality, healthcare. Read More

Wi-Fi preferable over mobile data

OpenSignal released a report about the amount of time smartphone users worldwide spend on Wi-Fi. Based on results, people in countries with developed mobile networks prefer Wi-Fi over 3G/4G, especially when data is expensive and limited.

According to the Global State of Mobile Networks report carried out by OpenSignal, a company that focuses on wireless coverage mapping, smartphone users in almost all developed countries spend more time on Wi-Fi networks rather than 3G/4G mobile ones. The findings refer to data points collected from 822,556 users across 95 countries. Let’s have a look at the main aspects that determine why users prefer connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi instead of using a cellular network. Read More

Australia’s largest free Wi-Fi service

Melbourne got the country’s largest and fastest free Wi-Fi network, branded as “”VicFreeWiFi”. Similarly Adelaide, Perth and the Sydney Suburb is already having CBD-wide Wi-Fi.

This service will cover the train stations, Bourke St Mall, Queen Victoria Market etc. Melbourne’s program isn’t quite as generous, or as fast. Network speeds are a minimum of 2 megabits per second, with pre-launch tests delivering peak speeds of almost 90 megabits per second. There’s also a 250MB daily limit per device, which means you won’t be able to get too far with your downloads.

Source: Mashable